Share a Little Love!

Heartfelt Expressions is perfect for gift retailers. Your customers will love this inspirational gift that tugs at the heartstrings. For our retailers, it's an affordable product that customers love giving and collecting.

Our Heartfelt Expressions decor line is composed of cast granite (a mix of stone and resin) to give substance and the appearance of genuine cut stone. Each piece is cast then lettered by hand.

Our 10th annual Valentine's Day Sales starts December 1 and will run through February 14th).  FREE SHIPPING on all Heartfelt Expressions orders.

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Sharing makes everything that is good in life even better, and everything that is difficult in Life easier to bear.
When sharing is the point, and feelings can be etched in stone,
Heartfelt Expressions® show you care. Share the beauty of your heart with those you love.
They won’t forget it... it is written in stone.